Missile Escape – Review

Missile Escape Cover

Missile Escape gameplay video Kolibri Studio this time comes with the newest airplane android game,┬áMissile Escape. The game is fun and addicting, although the missiles are after you. Can you escape from them? If you get hit only by a missile then you are going down, dodge the missiles as fast as you can to survive. Making the missiles crash to each other gives you stars to increase the score. Lately has been some new updates for the game, there is a new enemy which is on pursue of you.…

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Street Racing Car Traffic Speed – Review

Street Racing Car Traffic Speed Cover

Street Racing Car Traffic Speed gameplay video Amazing graphics this one! Street Racing Car Traffic Speed is a racing android game developed and published by iRacing Games. The game takes place in the hills of mountains, city and forest, the environment is pretty good. Do you want to be a champion in the World? By defeating you opponent and friends in no time you will be in the top of the league. Challenges are what makes this game hard and more realistic, try and challenge yourself with different races, distance,…

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