Eye Transplant : ER Emergency Hospital – Review

Eye Transplant : ER Emergency Hospital Cover

Finally one of the most entertainment android game is here developed and published by Play Kids Entertainment. Eye Transplant : ER Emergency Hospital is an educational android game for kids, but also for grown ups! This game is a genuine eye specialist ER crisis surgery test system game! You can encounter being an insane eye specialist. In er crisis healing center which is loaded with insane specialist, medical caretakers and surgery squad. Take great care of wiped out patient came to er crisis healing center test system in emergency vehicle with mama…

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Golf Up – Review

Golf Up Cover

Golf Up developed and published by Neon Play is an casual android game updated in march, 2018. Take your golf to an unheard of level! Shoot the cluster through the trickiest of holes, ricocheting off the greens to get significantly further. How high would you be able to go? The game is almost at around thirty megabytes and requires android version from 4.1 and up. Stop wasting you time with other games, download this super android game from Play Store. The link will be in the bottom of this page…

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Missile Escape – Review

Missile Escape Cover

Missile Escape gameplay video Kolibri Studio this time comes with the newest airplane android game, Missile Escape. The game is fun and addicting, although the missiles are after you. Can you escape from them? If you get hit only by a missile then you are going down, dodge the missiles as fast as you can to survive. Making the missiles crash to each other gives you stars to increase the score. Lately has been some new updates for the game, there is a new enemy which is on pursue of you.…

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Bomber Man Classic – Review

Bomber Man Classic Cover

Bomber Man Classic gameplay video The classic Bomber Man is on the show for android devices. Bomber Man Classic is developed and published by Zirosoft Corp. In order to become a human being, you have to win and pass all the fifty (50) levels of the underground labyrinth. In each floor you need to accomplish two (2) things, kill all of your enemy and find the exit. Exit will be raveled after you destroy the enemy and bomb all of the blocks. Every floor contains only one power up that can increase Bomber…

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Bottle Shooting Games – Review

Bottle Shooting Games Cover

Bottle Shooting Games gameplay video Are you a fan of shooting games? MTS Free Games created this amazing first person shooting bottle game for every fan of shooting games. Become an expert in Bottle Shooting Games by playing in your android device and shoot the bottles as many as you can in the given time. The game looks very realistic, the 3D effect makes the game even better. The aim is the most important thing in the game, be careful and aim right to brake the bottle in time. Get to…

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100 Ballz Bounce – Review

100 Ballz Bounce Cover

100 Ballz Bounce gameplay video Dots & Ballz 2018 created this casual game compatible with any android device. 100 Ballz Bounce is one of the latest and popular game in 2018. The different color of the balls will make you get addicted to it. Crawl deliberately your board, let the colorful balls skip into the pocket, different things redesign your balls and get more focuses! Play this great drifting game and kill your leisure time by skipping back the falling balls. You can choose different Paddle skins and Balls skins from the shop…

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